Foundry ladles, gearboxes pouring ladles

Our ladles feature rugged construction and are always designed according to the specific requirements of each customer, either in terms of design, type of the ladle, way of driving and transport, size, type, etc. of the cast metal.

All ladles are equipped with a self-locking planetary gearbox and some types of ladles can also be equipped with a lid.

Ladles offered by us have already found their use in foundries in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Norway.

In addition, we also deliver crane ladles designed for transport by forklift.
We can also arrange repairs of existing ladles according to DIN EN 1247.

For the needs of foundries we offer also crane ladles of all types:

  • Pot
  • Siphon
  • Stopper ladles with bottom outlet
  • Drum
  • Modification ladles
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Our ladles are equipped with self-locking planetary gearboxes, which were designed specifically for the demanding conditions in the foundry based on extensive experience.

Upon request, we also deliver ladles fitted with gearboxes with electric motor and remote control. This solution significantly reduces the physical strain and significantly enhances safety.

The drive system is equipped with an asynchronous motor drive equipped with a frequency converter. Controlling the direction and speed tilt of the ladle is done wirelessly via a remote control with a radio transmitter powered 24V accumulator. Either electric or manual drive of the operation of the ladle can be selected.

Alternatively, we also offer a ladle with a pneumatic actuator. The control valve enables the control of the direction and speeding ladle tilt from a distance of several meters.

Characteristic features of our gearboxes are:

  • For planetary gearboxes typical high efficiency
  • Self-locking
  • Robust construction
  • Removable flange and the like