Machines and equipment for abrasive blasting

Abrasive blasting consists in blasting an abrasive jet into the processed surface.

This treatment is suitable for objects made of various materials, such as: ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their alloys, plastics, rubber, glass, ceramics, stone and concrete.

Application of abrasive blasting:

  • Removing all solid impurities from the surface
  • Giving the surface the required texture
  • Preparing the surface for the application of protective and decorative coating
  • Surface roughening and matting
  • Edge trimming and rounding
  • Preparing galvanized surfaces for external coating with solvent and powder paint
  • “Cold” increasing of fatigue strength by shot peening.

Standard types of blasting machines with impact turbines

Table blasting machine

Belt blasting machine

Drum blasting machine

Hanger continuous blasting machine

Hanger hook-type blasting machine

Airless continuous blasting machine for metal sheets and profiles

Specialist blasting machines with impact turbines

On the basis of special requests of the customers, we make specialist and special devices intended for the abrasive blasting of specific objects.

These machines are characterized by the high effectiveness of blasting, accompanied by the optimization of the structure, devices and their operation costs.

In this group of specialist equipment, we offer facilities for the treatment of plastic surfaces, among other items.

Impact turbines

Impact turbines are basic working components of blasting machines. The purpose of turbines is to give the abrasive a proper kinetic energy.

We ensure the supply of impact turbines on all types of blasting equipments.

Machines for plastic surface treatment – shot peening

Shot blasting is one of the plastic surface treatment methods, as a result of which the fatigue strength of elements subject to fatigue loads is increased. This is used in many highly stressed parts and components.