Foundry Sands

kremProducing high quality moulds and cores and therefore strong castings requires not only a good binder but also a high quality opening material with the desired properties. The company SAND TEAM provides products of high quality and purity, not only for the foundry industry but also for the glass, ceramic and building chemistry industries. A wide range of sand grain sizes are available.

This quartz sand has a high SiO2 content, high temperature resistance and is suitable for casting all metals including steel. The great advantage of quartz sand grain is its roundness, which gives:

  • Reduced dosage binders – especially in organic binder systems that use a high percentage of recycled sand.
  • Higher resistance to wear and chipping compared to sharp-edged sands.
  • Higher compression resistance under heat effects.

Benefits of using quartz sand:

  • Round grain without erosion.
  • Low sand humidity.
  • Low content of particles below 0.10 mm.
  • Low content of combustible substances.
  • Minimum clay wash substances.



d50 [mm]

Quartz sand

BK 23 (BK50D)

0,23 mm

BK 27 (BK5D)

 0,27 mm

BK 31 (BK55D)

0,29 mm

BK 35 (BK4D)

0,38 mm

BK 53 (BK 45)

0,53 mm

chromitovy-pisekChromite sand

Chromite sand is used as a refractory opening material for thermally stressed core and moulding mixtures. With a chemical composition containing oxides of chromium and iron it has high heat conductivity and can thus be used to chill thermal knots.

Supplied fractions: d = 0.26 – 0.33 mm


A natural refractory material with a low linear coefficient of thermal expansion and high thermal absorption. Olivine is the ideal opening material for the most demanding manganese steel castings.

Supplied fraction: d = 0.26mm


Formed by firing kaolinite clay to the aluminosilicate refractory. Grinding and screening produces an angular synthetic opening material with a continuous expansion curve. Its absorption capacity is equal to that of quartz sands, with which it is compatible.

Supplied fraction: d = 0.31mm

KerphaliteKerphalite KF

A natural opening material with a sharp-edged grain based on andalusite. Kerphalite KF is suitable for all binder systems, including bentonite. It can be used for casting all metallic materials. It is environmentally friendly, with no risk of silicosis. It is compatible with quartz sand.

Supplied fractions: d = 0.26mm and d = 0.22mm

zirkonovyZircon Sand

A refractory material with a low linear thermal expansion coefficient, high density and a high value thermal accumulation coefficient. Their chemical inertness to Fe oxides at high temperatures gives the mixtures substantial resistance against penetration. Zircon sand is an ideal opening material for massive castings and highly thermally stressed cores.

Supplied fraction: d = 0.114 mm


An artificial opening material based on mulit with a high-temperature resistance of 1800 °C. Its zero thermal expansion provides dimensional stability even under thermal stresses above 1000 °C. The round grain makes a high strength mixture. CERABEADS is an ideal opening material for the most demanding castings from austenitic chrome-nickel steel and other highly alloyed steels and cast irons.

Supplied fraction: d = 0.22mm