Low Carbon Steel Granulate

This steel shot has low C, P and S contents and is suitable for blasting as steel and iron castings and casting non-ferrous metals. Besides the foundry industry this steel shot is suitable for numerous other applications.


  • Low carbon content – 0.10 % to 0.15 %.
  • The shots are not broken when used only the shape changes slightly.
  • Longer life than conventional blasting carbonaceous material with the same cycle time required for blasting.
  • Longer life of wearing throwing heads parts.

Low carbon steel shot has a carbon content of 0.10 to 0.15%. This interval is very important and directly affects the quality of the blasting material and most importantly affects its durability. A low carbon content makes the blasting material more flexible so that the shot does not break but only partially changes its shape. Therefore, the durability of low carbon blasting shot is much higher than materials with a higher C content.

The advantage of low carbon steel shot is its longer service life, while the blasting cycle time remains unchanged. Another advantage is the longer life of wearing throwing heads parts because the low carbon blasting materials are not so hard.

Low carbon steel shot is more durable than conventional carbonaceous materials, needs less frequent replenishment (exchange) and increases the service life of wearing throwing heads parts.

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