Organic Binder Systems


AlpHasetTM technology is one of the alkaline binder systems developed by Borden, now Hexion. It is based on a two-component binder system where the binder is an alkaline phenolic resin and the hardener is based on esters.


AlpHasetTM technology is used to produce moulds and big cores for casting from ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Advantages of the AlpHasetTM technology:

  • The mixtures guarantee the castings have a good surface quality.
  • The strength is rapidly increased.
  • Two-stage curing process, the secondary hardening occurs during pouring.
  • Significantly reduced sensitivity to the presence of fins, spikes, bubbles and cracks.
  • Because there is no nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur does not cause defects in the subsurface layers by castings from spheroid cast iron and steel.
  • Very low emission by mixing, pouring and shakeout.
  • Easy disassembly core boxes, easy cleaning models and core boxes.
  • High reclamation degree.
  • Reinforcement of moulds after pouring

A variety of resins and hardeners are available. Using the appropriate hardeners means that a broad range of disassembly times from 1 minute to 1.5 hour can be achieved. The most commonly used resin is sold under the trade name AlpHasetTM TPA 70.

Two basic coated mixtures are available: for casting aluminium and for casting cast iron and steel. Both coated mixtures are based on silica sand. The composition of the coated sand and low nitrogen content increase their potential use in the production process of casting steel, iron and aluminium. Coated cores produced from these mixtures have excellent disintegration after pouring.