Production of Cores

We have been producing foundry cores and moulds since 2001. The technology and machinery were chosen so that we can offer products in a wide range of dimensions, weights and shape complexity. The possibility of combining the binder systems used with a variety of quartz and non quartz opening materials helps us to meet the needs of our customers.

Production Technology Cores:

  1. Machine production by core shooting:

  • Cold-Box Amin
  • GEOPOL® cured CO2
  1. Hand production of cores:

  • AlpHasetTM
  • Sigmaset

Opening materials used:

  • Quartz sands
  • Chromite sand
  • Kerphalite KF
  • Olivine
  • LK – SAND
  • Zircon Sand

The company’s core strategy:

  • Supply cores to the customer exactly on the agreed deadlines
  • Supply the required quantity and quality
  • Favourable delivery conditions
  • Conforming products at all times
  • Making high-quality cores accessible to our customers without them having to invest in the technologies
  • Advice and technical assistance and not only on core production

Our core shooting machines cover the widest range of cores:

  • Weight of produced cores from 0.1 to 40 kg
  • Maximum size of core boxes ( w x h x d ): 750 x 500 x 650 mm
  • Horizontal automatic cycle disassembly of core boxes
  • Bottom and side release of cores from the core box
  • Core boxes with pneumatically operated loose parts

Our core shooting machines range from 1 to 20 l. All have microprocessor control of the production cycle, through the optimum setting of production parameters for the specific core and core box. We use modern gas generators to cure the Cold Box cores. The extracted gases are neutralized in an air washer.