GEOPOL® Technology – Ecological and Economical Solutions to Foundry Problems


GEOPOL® technology is an ecological geopolymer-based inorganic binder system producing moulds and cores from mixtures for casting ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Application area:

Self-hardening mixtures curable with SA series hardeners:

  • High bonding ability, binder dosage 1.4 to 2.0 %.
  • Ecological and economical system for producing moulds and cores.
  • Mixture workability of 2 to 90 minutes.
  • Good break down after pouring.
  • Mechanical reclamation – mechanical abrasion can be used.
  • Operational use of 100% recycled sand for backing sand.
  • Operational use of 70 to 75% recycled sand for facing sand.

Curing by Hot Air:

  • High strength, the ability to produce complex cores.
  • Good shelf life of cores without the need for storage in special conditions.
  • Possibility of low dosing of binder and additive at high strength.
  • No cores deformation.
  • Very good disintegration after casting, especially for aluminum castings usually better than for organic binders PUR cold box amine. Reduction of decoring time.
  • It is not prone to gas holes and veinings on castings.
  • The binder system is environmentally friendly.

Mixtures curable with CO2:

  • Binder dosage of 2.3 to 3.0 %.
  • Ecological and economical system for producing moulds and cores.
  • Mixtures suitable for manufacturing cores by shooting.
  • Good break down after pouring.
  • Low CO2consumption.
  • Seamless core storage life.

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Inorganic binder cured by hot air