New arrivals – new release agents and foundry glues

Dear customers,
we continue with further development of our own foundry products. We have prepared for you a brand new range of release agents SEPAR SAND. They are widely used to provide easy separation of cores and moulds from core boxes and patterns. It is suitable for no bake curing processes and for all cold curing processes. For much better, easier and safer manipulation it is packed in spray cans.
Separ Sand Al spray – a release agent with fine aluminium pigment
Separ Sand SLC spray – a release agent on silicon basis
For green sand moulding we have developer a powder release agent Separ Sand P
We also offer a foundry glue SAND GLUE CP and CPH (different viscosity) which is used for repairing cores and moulds.

For more details please do not hesitate to contact our technicians:
Kontakt: Ing. Barbora Ostrézí
+420 773 772 229