About the Company

The main activity of the company SAND TEAM, spol. s r.o. is comprehensive assistance by ensuring the production of castings. Our main activities include the production of sand cores and moulds and of the geopolymer binder GEOPOL®. For the production of moulding mixtures we supply inorganic binders – Geopolymers and water glasses, organic binders.

We also offer quartz sands and non quartz opening materials, coated sands for the Croning method, release agents and a wide range of auxiliary agents (hardeners, oil-bentonite mixture and others). We supply foundry chaplets and low-carbon blasting material. We provide the design, manufacture and installation of integrated capital equipment – machinery for core rooms, machinery for the preparation and moulding of bentonite and chemically bound sands as well as the reclaiming of used sand. For the quality control of the applied sands we supply laboratory equipment, including customer service, regular calibrations and the training of professional staff. An integral part of our work is our own research and development, focusing on the development of foundry binders which does not pose an ecological risk for human health and the environment.



We have developed the GEOPOL® binder system which helps create a clean work environment.

We try to protect not only the environment but also the health of workers in foundries.