Machines for bentonite moulding mixtures

Turbine mixers

Turbine mixers are used for the rapid preparation of homogenous charges of sands. They are mainly used in foundries for the preparation of moulding sands as well as in the glass, ceramic, chemical and food industries. In addition, they are employed for the production of refractory materials and the like. Their advantage is the fast and very efficient mixing of all ingredients, as well as the simultaneous aeration of ready mix and low operating costs.

Mixers are provided with electronic weighing scales and equipment to ensure the reproducible quality of the prepared sand: moisture or humidity and the compactibility of the moulding sand.

Vibrofluidisation coolers

They are designed for the intensive cooling of reversible sand mixtures. Their advantage is the high efficiency, low operating costs and the possibility of inclusion on technological lines. Besides the cooling of sand, their task is to maintain the constant temperature and humidity of the sand at the outlet from the refrigerator and the rehydration of the bentonite. Refrigerators are equipped with a system for monitoring and controlling the humidity and temperature of the sand.

Automatic control, measurement and adjustment systems of the humidity of the moulding sand

Systems of measurement and control of the humidity of moulding sands (compactibility) guarantee the upgrading of the sand in circulation and maintaining its properties at a constant level. Both mixers and coolers are equipped with these systems. In conjunction with the automatic collection and evaluation of samples of moulding sand in circulation, they enable gaining maximum control over the process of preparing moulding sands.

Rotary screens

Hoppers for return sand, for new sand, for bentonite

Belt, bucket, screw and pneumatic conveyors

Automatic moulding lines

Pulse-press moulding machines

Transport of moulding flasks

Pouring and cooling of moulds (castings)

Ejecting out castings of moulds

Dedusting and exhaustion systems

Control and visualization

Auxiliary equipment