Equipment for core rooms


Omega can offer core making equipment to suit every type of gas hardened system. A full range of cold box coreshooters from 2.5 litres to 120 litres is available as well as a full range of shell (croning) coreshooters and moulding machines. Core shooters for hot box and Silicate C02 are also available. Energy efficient, dry air gas generators are used with precision liquid gas dosing systems to ensure that the cores are produced economically and consistently.

Omega can also offer a range of ‘no-bake’ coreshooters that do not require gas hardening or pollution control systems.

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic
  • Vertical or horizontally joined boxes
  • Integral plc panel with operator interface
  • Integral gas generator for Amine, Methyl Formate or CO2 (optional)
  • Insert head (optional) to facilitate shoot plate changeover
  • Ejection on slide for horizontally joined boxes (optional)
  • Vacuum clamping (optional)
  • Facility to store up to 400 recipes (optional)
  • Automatic core box identification using the IRIS™ micro-chip (optional)

Main coreshooters

Coreshooters are modern machines that help ensure the easy and productive manufacturing of a wide range of foundry cores of various shapes and sizes, ranging from the very smallest and simple to shape consuming and voluminous cores. In conjunction with extraction covered work area and using a scrubber for exhaust air, your production will also meet the ecological and hygienic criteria.

Gas generators

In the production of cores with the Cold Box amine technology, tertiary amines are used as a catalyst, in the form of gases, which blow the cores. The gas generator is a device used to convert the amine from the liquid state to a gaseous state.

Gas scrubbers

In the production of cores with the Cold Box amine technology, tertiary amines are used as a catalyst, in the form of gases, which blow the cores. Because amines produce an unpleasant odour and may be harmful, their absorption in the gas scrubber to prevent the scattering of amines into the atmosphere is essential. Amine scrubber installations in conjunction with the necessary working space of the coreshooter achieve both the required hygiene as well as meeting the environmental requirements of the aforementioned Cold Box core production technologies.

Mixture preparation

Automated preparation of mixtures – automatic mixture preparation based on specified requirements.

Filling lines – the distribution of the mixture from preparation for more shooting machines.

Batch mixers – arm mixer for the preparing of the mixture.

Core crushers

Core crushers are designed to crush core or mould sands, parts of cores, moulds and technological residues. Cold Box Amin has been especially developed for the mixtures. The power series of crushers have a maximum output of 400 kg/h.

The equipment consists of:

  • flanged vibration motor
  • spring mounting
  • control panel (control cabinet) with start, stop, emergency stop, main switch FAB buttons, LED operating lights, a breaker and starter motor etc. (complete electrical equipment)
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